Jonathan Pettersson

Full stack developer & Team lead

@Spotify, Stockholm

Blogging with Middleman, Git and Markdown


I built this site to document all the projects I work on and care about. Here’s a breakdown of the tools I use to build and publish to this site efficiently while having fun:


I’ve been using Middleman for a lot of projects lately. I found it to be a very productive tool when building static sites that don’t require any server-side functionality. Middleman is compatible with a ton of Ruby gems and is running Sprockets, which allows me to easily use my favorites: HAML, SASS & CoffeeScript. For this project I’m also using the Middleman Blog extension that brings a bunch of useful blog-related features.

Git + Markdown

I use a public Github repo for version control and write articles using Markdown: a neat language that compiles into HTML. The Markdown syntax is pretty much plain text so it’s painless to write. This combo eliminates the need for a database.

Deployments with Capistrano

Capistrano is awesome with Rails, but it’s a perfect fit for Middleman too. I’ve set it up to run the ‘middleman build’ command after pulling the latest master from the repo.


The entire source for this blog is on Github.

Manage web dependencies with Bower